Forget Zillow, Hire The Best Coto de Caza Realtors

Living in Orange County comes with a myriad of great benefits, yet certain locales tend to have their own unique attributes that set them apart from the rest. Coto de Caza is one such neighborhood. One of the oldest master-planned communities in the county, it consists of about 4,000 homes. Here are some reasons why moving to Coto de Caza makes for a great investment.

Why Coto de Caza

Ultimate Privacy

The entire community is guard-gated, meaning excellent shared security. For individuals and families that value their privacy and safety, Coto de Caza should be a top pick. There is a very low crime rate and it is the epitome in secluded country style living. The security personnel is also very responsive.

Low Traffic

Being a low-density community, there is little traffic to contend with here. With an average of about 3 residents per household, locals do not have to worry about backed up roads. Once you get to the nearby I-5, you can easily get to anywhere in Orange County.

Natural Surroundings

Besides the generously sized lots with typically long driveways, front and backyards with swimming pools being a common sight, residents also get to enjoy easy access to wild nature. The community is surrounded to the northern, southern, and eastern sides by the Thomas F. Riley Wilderness Park. An ecological preserve for endangered wildlife and plant species, it is a popular setting for hikers, mountain bikers, and equestrians. An eighteen-minute drive will also easily get you to the beach.

Reasons to Opt for a Realtor Over Zillow?

Sites like Zillow do seem to have made house hunting and selling easier but the reality is a little more complicated. These sites help prospective buyers learn the kinds of properties available in different neighborhoods but are often slow at updating info, so many end up focusing their efforts to view and buy a property that was already closed on. Coto de Caza realtors are better placed to provide real-time information on which properties are actually still available.

Realtors are also a better investment thanks to their negotiation skills. A good realtor will have the most up to date market rates and is best positioned to negotiate on your behalf with the seller. Properties sold through realtors tend to sell about 6% higher than those owner-sold. Besides the money they can save you with proper pricing, there is also the technical aspects where they can provide you access to qualified home inspectors and tradesmen.

When looking for homes for sale in Coto de Caza, you will find that what is on offer on Zillow is very different from what a reputable realtor will show you. Many homeowners in such upscale neighborhoods prefer to remain unlisted and will only work with certain OC realtors to find buyers for their homes. Buyers often miss out on amazing properties because of failing to go with those with insider knowledge.

Another upside, particularly for sellers is that a realtor will provide a helpful buffer. Rather than contend with countless queries from numerous buyers, many of whom may not even be viable, you can just have a realtor handle it all. You can even arrange for them to carry out viewing when you are not around so you do not have to encounter strangers on your property.

The Top 3 Coto De Caza Realtors

1. June Kausler – Keller Williams Realty

No one understands better that for those looking to buy into the Coto de Caza community it is not just about buying a home, but rather a lifestyle. The peaceful and secluded nature of this community is something June has long appreciated and worked hard at ensuring she matches to those that appreciate it. She takes time to understand the needs of her clients before setting out to find them the best-suited candidate properties. Her efforts have also been well received by sellers in the community who have lauded her for strong communication and excellent marketing skills.

2. Kathy Clancy – Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage

A native of southern California and 12-year veteran of the real estate business, Kathy has positioned herself as one of the best Coto de Caza realtors through her excellent insider knowledge of the community and its neighborhoods. She has helped many newcomers find just the right Coto de Caza homes for sale at the right place through her unique insight and keen thoughtfulness. Her determined nature and attention to detail have served her well as a talented negotiator who works diligently on behalf of her clients to secure the best deal possible.

3. Mike Ameel – Coto de Caza Real Estate

One of the longest-serving and successful OC realtors, Mike is himself a resident of Coto de Caza since 1993 and is highly knowledgeable in all it has to offer for newcomers to the community. His long service has seen him buy and sell properties on behalf of many families for up to three generations. His professional nature, sharp negotiating skills, in-depth knowledge, and courtesy has endeared him to many who regularly come back to him for help with any real estate interests in and around the Coto de Caza region.