Hire the Best Dana Point Realtors or Zillow Search?

As much as exploring housing options in different neighborhoods is easy and enjoyable using websites such as Zillow Dana, there are several reasons why hiring a realtor offers superior results. No matter what the real estate needs of a person are in Dana Point, it is vital to find the best agents who can get the right price. However, it is vital to find out why Dana Point offers a unique scenario in Orange County for settling in as an individual, family or business entity.

Why Choose to Stay in Dana Point

Booming Real Estate Market

Within the last 12 months, Dana Point homes have a price range between $285,000 and $4,000,000. Approximately 1,100 homes were sold in the area last year with an increase in the median home price by 2.89%. Typically, Da Point properties are sold for 95.13% of the listing price with the average house in the area staying in the market for only 78 days. These statistics indicate how lucrative it can be owning a home in Dana Point.

Easy Commuting

With a coverage area of 6.6 square miles and a city population of 34,101 people, Dana Point stands out as an easy area to settle in considering that commuting to work can take you between 30 to 34 minutes. About 59% of the 14,508 households in this neighborhood are families, which means that its traffic is never an issue here.

Great for Family Life

The town has numerous local venues that a family will find dining quite delightful. Many community events are organized in this town to provide a whole community experience. The beaches and parks in this town make it family-friendly and the safety in this town is of the highest level. Other than the parks and beaches in this town, there are lots of good places for hiking including places in neighboring towns, while fun water activities are also available.

Why Choose Realtors over Zillow?

Accurate Listing

House selling and hunting couldn’t have been made easier with sites such as Zillow. Prospective buyers can quickly and easily learn about the available types of properties in different neighborhoods. However, the slow rate of updating information on available properties is a concern as a person can end up wasting time viewing properties that have come to a closed deal. It is easier to access real-time information from Dana Point Realtors on the available properties in the area.

Local Knowledge

When seeking an advantage in real estate hunting and selling, nothing comes close to a realtor with local knowledge as most newcomers are new to the neighborhoods. A good realtor has local knowledge and can quickly narrow down the search list to the best neighborhoods fitting the requirements of a person.

Negotiation Skills

When selling or hunting for a property, there is no better investment than a good realtor with great negotiation skills. Equipped with the knowledge of the best market rates, a reputable realtor is in a better position to negotiate on behalf of the buyer or seller. Realtors have the correct banter to get the best price for a house, which makes their service quite important.

Top 3 Dana Point Realtors

1. Dianna McGarvin – Harcourts Prime Properties

It has taken a long time for Diana McGarvin to become the go-to-agent in Orange County but it comes with no surprise that her name is top on the list of Dana Point realtors. With a keen eye for the best deals on homes for sale in Dana Point, she always makes sure that any of her clients settle in with a smile as she takes customer service a notch higher while negotiating the best deals in town. Having grown up in the Dana Point area, her local knowledge sets her apart among Dana Point Realtors.

2. Suzi Dailey – Realty One Group

The founder of DaileybytheSea is a sought-after realtor in Orange County thanks to her excellent real estate services. When it comes to houses for sale in Dana Point, Suzi draws on her extensive experience to give clients the best deals in town. She comes equipped with a background in marketing, and construction and design, which sets her apart from other realtors. Her premiere luxury realtor group is a testimony to the highly distinguished clientele as she serves clients from all over the world while applying excellent professionalism in representing the needs of all her clients.

3. Kathy Samuel – First Team/Christies Real Estate

No one understands the daunting task of finding homes for sale in Dana Point better than Kathy as she is able to make this difficult task for a client seamless thanks to her real estate experience and knowledge of Dana Point. With skills ranging from effective marketing campaigns to a proven sales approach, Kathy makes sure that she gets the job done by using her extensive network and attending to every small detail of her clients. The added advantage of working with Kathy is her available every step of the way making sure that a client’s interests are well represented in the transaction.