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Can I y FHA loan to a Conventional Loan WITHOUT Mortgage Insurance?

Yes. Through our affiliation with the nations largest wholesale mortgage company, we offer refinancing loans up to 95% with no or low MI premiums. These are all fixed rate loans with industry competitive low rates.

How much will I save by converting my current loan with High Rate Mortgage Insurance?

The savings varies but typically it’s around $100 – $200 a month.

What will my new interest rate be?

It is likely that you will have a lower annual percentage rate

What’s the first step in removing my High Rate PMI?

Remove Your High Rate Monthly Mortgage Insurance with Black Ink Mortgage Today Call Direct at 949-348-0669 or Apply online

When you work with Black Ink Mortgage, you are working with a Mortgage Broker with an outstanding reputation for always looking out for the client’s best interest in helping you obtain the best quality loan available

‘At Black Ink, we do not offer loans that we do not believe in or would accept for ourselves’

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