Realtors in Anaheim Hills vs Zillow Anaheim Hills

When buying or selling a house, the services of a realtor make the process easier and less tedious. You can rely on the expertise of one with professional knowledge and experience in the complex real estate world. Because they are members of the National Association of Realtors (NAR), realtors are bound by NAR’s code of ethics, giving the client a more secure base for the transactions.

While being bound by a code of ethics is an asset to look for when contracting a realtor, finding one with extensive knowledge on your area of target is a definite plus. To be precise, if you are selling or buying property in Anaheim Hills, the benefits of contracting a realtor from the place outweighs those of finding one from a search engine such as Zillow.  

How Using A Realtor from Anaheim Hills Outweighs Zillow Anaheim Hills Search

OC realtors have comprehensive knowledge of the real estate market in the region and will give you specific details on the best Anaheim Hills homes for sale. In addition, the realtors are familiar with neighborhoods and will give you details on available resources and services such as the presence of good schools and the security of the place among others. 

The online real estate company, Zillow Group Inc., offers real estate search engine services in the United States since 2006. The search engine gives you a sneak preview of properties in picture and description, allows you to explore information on real estate value and price estimates, and lists realtors and real estate agents among other services. 

The wide scope of Zillow can be an advantage when you are looking for information on real estate throughout the US. If you are considering moving city and one or your decisional criterion is property prices, Zillow may give you a wide range of options to choose from. But if you’re interested in homes for sale in Anaheim Hills, CA, you are better off narrowing your search.

Narrowing on Realtors in Anaheim Hills

When searching for a realtor to find you a home in Anaheim Hills, you may consider seeking a recommendation from someone who has previously hired the services of a realtor in the region. Alternatively, you can look up realtors on an online site that features realtors in the area. The OC is one such platform. On this site, you will read suggestions about the best realtors in every city of the Orange County and compare reviews. Most especially, you get to sample the 3 top agents from each city of the County. 

The 3 Top Realtors in Anaheim Hills

To be listed among the top 3, a realtor has to be fully licensed and sail through an internal vetting process before being approved. The vetting considers the years of experience, the realtor’s success in sales or purchases in the city, and customer reviews. On the standard of these factors, here are the top realtors in Anaheim Hills.



Part of the Gerosin team at Berkshire Hathaway Home Services, George was born and raised in the Orange County and has a wide knowledge of Anaheim Hills from many years of working there. He owns a Bachelor of Science Degree in Business Administration, specializing in International Business. With more than 15 years of experience, George is an expert in residential real estate and investment property among others. From reviews on OC RealtorDirect, clients who have hired the services of George describe him as well versed with the real estate market, approachable, and generous with his time. He makes the tedious task of buying or selling a house more pleasant.



The seasoned realtor has worked alongside her mother, Karyn Schonherz, for almost 30 years. Together, they have recorded innumerable success stories in real estate sales and purchases. The fact that the two are ranked among the 1% top realtors of Berkshire Hathaway Agents in the US is enough reason to consider them the crème of the crop. They have their ‘hands-on service,’ true to their business motto. Their professional exceptionality is corroborated by client reviews. A review on OC RealtorDirect describes Kim as endowed with qualities of dedication and patience and excellent in translating clients’ needs and preferences.



In the words of a reviewer, “Travis and Mike are a great team!” The two are renowned for their extensive knowledge of the real estate market and for their outstanding work ethic. They have recorded great success by capitalizing on their complementing areas of expertise. 

Mike, a graduate in Business Administration, relocated to Anaheim Hills in 1987 and has built his prize-winning career from owning his firm to becoming part of the First Team Real Estate. He is a recognized top achiever with a firm place in Hall of Fame of American realtors.

Travis has previously worked in construction and interior design and in the lending industry. This explains his attention to details when providing clients with a pictorial preview of a property. Such precision gives the clientele a preview of the property’s value, helping them define their interest on the same.