Realtors in Brea vs Brea Zillow Search

Finding the ideal home has become much easier thanks to the more widespread use of the internet. The creation of dedicated real estate websites, like Zillow, now allows buyers and sellers to meet and interact without the need for intermediaries.

The most important intermediary whose absence can result in major problems is the realtor. Some property buyers and sellers erroneously believe that by not hiring a realtor they have saved themselves the commission they would have earned. Let us first look at why that commission more than pays for itself when you hire the right realtors in Brea to facilitate this all-important transaction.   

Why Choose a Brea Realtor Over Brea Zillow?

While Zillow may seem a great resource for potential deals, the site is not well updated. This means that many properties that have already sold are still listed, and even more, remain unlisted. The best option when looking for a wide variety of options within a locality is to find a reputable local realtor and check their local site. Realtors tend to keep their listings as up-to-date as possible and will not put online details of properties of owners who prefer to remain unlisted.

Narrowing down to the best possible choices is also easier with a realtor. There are a lot of errors and a lack of vital information on online listings. Realtors take care to be very precise in how they collect data on their listings to make the best possible matches for their buyers.

Sites like Zillow are basically specialized classified sections. Anyone can log in and put up adverts.  Sometimes they are scams meant to fleece people of their hard-earned money, and other times they are an attempt to drive traffic to certain websites. That means the potential to end up being conned or wasting time. Wastage of time might not seem such a bad thing, but when it costs you the opportunity to find that perfect home that someone else snaps up just ahead of you, it can be devastating.

Even for sellers looking to set a price based on current market rates, the estimates arrived at can vary very greatly from the real market rates. This can have a significant effect on the quality of offers you may receive and how long the property remains listed. OC realtors rely on market research and the latest local closing sales figures to provide more accurate and precise data to guide pricing.

All this is not to say Zillow and other major real estate sites do not have a place in the market. They can be useful in finding out what kind of housing is available and get a rough idea of the kind of market pricing to expect. When, however, you are ready to finally find that home and make an offer, local knowledge and an understanding of the legal matters are invaluable.

What to Look for in A Realtor?

Brea is considered one of the best places to live in California for young professionals and families. The abundance of outdoor activities, great weather, good schools, and ample shopping make it a popular choice. When trying to find good houses for sale in Brea, you will need a realtor that is familiar with the local neighborhoods and is properly licensed.

A good place to start your search would be amongst your family and friends that already live in the area you are either trying to buy into or are selling from. If you do not find suitable candidates this way, then an online search can still be helpful. Focus on those that have a good reputation for being responsive, knowledgeable of the area and the market. 

When you talk to them, ask about their most recent sales. These can work as references so you can talk to the clients about how their transaction was handled, and find out how accurate the pricing was and how long it took to close. It is best to go with a realtor whose closing price was very close to the listing price. This shows a strong understanding of the market. 

The Top 3 Realtors in Brea

To help you get started in your efforts to find the perfect home, or attract viable potential buyers, we will provide a brief on some of the top realtors in Brea with a solid track record of achievement in handling Brea real estate listings. 

With over 14 years’ experience in the business, Michelle has cultivated a wonderful reputation for being patient and attentive with clients. She takes the necessary time to understand their needs and provide them with the best shortlist of potential properties that best match their needs. Tapping into her impressive network of contacts and colleagues, she provides a streamlined service that ensures deals are sealed quick and are watertight. 

A family man with a strong understanding of the needs and concerns that newcomers to Brea often have, Will has helped many first time buyers and newcomers to the area understand the house buying process and applied his excellent negotiation skills to help them arrive at a price they are satisfied with. From market research to viewings, Will is a consummate professional who never lets up till the deal is done and his clients happy. Well known for his high level of service, he continues to enjoy a steady stream of referrals from delighted clientele. 

Being part of the Homearly Team has placed Jay in a unique position of being supported by a crew of over 20 real estate professionals covering a wide range of services including marketing, listing and closing specialists. You can look forward to a seamless process whether you buying or selling, with plenty of detailed information and communication to keep you in the know. As one of the best realtors in Brea, Jay takes a keen personal interest in every client’s case so they always feel at ease.