Realtors in Buena Park Vs Zillow Search Buena Park

This suburb of Orange County offers residents a relaxing home environment just minutes away from a wide array of entertainment options for the young and old alike. If you are looking to move here, it is good to know just what makes this area stand out. 

Why Settle in Buena Park

Best known for being the home to the amazing 160 acres Knott’s Berry Farm, Buena Park has plenty of outdoor and indoor attractions to keep residents and visitors busy. From the immersive Medieval Times and Howie’s Game Shack, to the informative Bodies: The Exhibition and nearby California Science Center, there are many unique attractions to enjoy. 

The Ralph B Regional Park offers residents an excellent green area where one can enjoy some time out in nature and get in some fitness in sporting areas for softball, volleyball, and tennis. There is more outdoor recreation to be had at the Brea Creek Golf Course and the Los Coyotes Country Club. 

Buena Park is also home to an excellent variety of restaurants and shopping establishments. If the conveniences within the city are not to your liking, the freeway will get you to L.A. in half an hour during off-peak traffic hours, or you can take a shorter drive to Disneyland. With more affordable housing than neighboring cities and a good selection of top-rated schools, it makes for a great destination for young families and professionals.

Finding a Home Using a Realtor Vs. Zillow

We live in a time where the internet has made it optional to have to hire professionals for certain services. When it comes to looking for or selling a property, many are now opting to make use of real estate platforms like Zillow. Here are some key reasons why going online can prove detrimental to your investment in a property.

  • Current Listings – while sites like Zillow have benefited from well-presented adverts of prospective properties, they do not update them in a timely manner. This means that many are outdated and give potential buyers hopes that are never realized
  • Incorrect listings – besides the plethora of outdated listings, Zillow has a reputation for assigning inaccurate property values, with a majority of estimates falling within 20% of final sales figures. They also sometimes attribute certain listings to the wrong real estate agent. This may be more of a data entry mistake, but one you are unlikely to encounter when dealing with realtors in Buena Park you have assigned to look for your desired property and will rely on better data to give accurate estimates.  
  • Unlisted listings – many sellers prefer to keep their Buena park homes for sale out of the limelight and will engage local realtors to find buyers discreetly. This can be a significant portion of the market that those that rely solely on Zillow are locked out of. 
  • Local knowledge – a local realtor is well placed to offer advice on neighborhoods and types of housing that suit prospective buyers’ lifestyles and budgets. This is particularly helpful for those who are new to the area and not aware of the amenities offered by different neighborhoods. Zillow offers little insider knowledge of specific neighborhoods, making it difficult to tell what living there will actually be like. Using local OC realtors also gives you access to other relevant professionals you may need including home inspectors and tradesmen.

 Top Realtors in Buena Park

While there is no harm checking out sites like Zillow to learn the options in the market, you will still need a local realtor to not just find suitable houses for sale in Buena Park, but also navigate the legal requirements for when investing in property. Here are the top three choices of realtors in Buena Park for anyone looking to call the city home.  

A couple that has 52+ combined years of experience in the real estate business and has lived in Orange County for 60 years, there is no better resource for newcomers in the region or real estate investment. Courteous and good listeners, they take time to understand the needs of clients before working out an action plan. They have a solid reputation in the business and have cultivated an extensive network of contacts that ensures any work they cannot handle is still taken care of by capable hands. Working with a dedicated team of professionals in their offices, all client needs are smoothly met in the quickest time possible. 

One of the most highly rated OC realtors, Kay is renowned for sharing with her clients helpful and vital knowledge that makes them more discerning of the market and understanding of the process they are going through. Her connections in the industry mean that she is well-informed on the latest offerings and quickly guides her clients towards making deals on their ideal homes using the most accurate data. Her keen negotiating skills have helped many clients settle on affordable deals they have never regretted. A specialist in foreclosures and short sale programs, she can help property owners come back from the brink. 

Having lived in Orange County for over 45 years, David has an in-depth knowledge of the county, its cities, and neighborhoods. He specializes in residential real estate, making him a top pick for anyone looking to buy into the market, sell, rent, or simply upgrade. Supported by a skilled team of real estate professionals, David keeps in constant communication with clients so they are kept well informed of the progress of their transaction. Well regarded in the community, he has a solid reputation for ensuring property values are retained, and that the buyers and sellers he serves experience a smooth and stress-free process.