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    DRE No. 01272441

    It won’t take very long for a person who is browsing online or through printed materials to find qualified and experienced Fullerton Realtors instead finds themselves drowning in a sea of names, credentials, and flashy advertisements.

    But the best OC Realtors don’t rely on gimmicky marketing techniques and cheesy advertisements. James Bobbett is one such professional. Mr. Bobbett would rather stand on his record as one of the finest property and real estate agents in the region, and those who have worked with him know it is a record worthy of being proud of.

    Versatile and Diverse Skill-Set
    James provides a number of different services for all of his clients. Although at first glance the process might seem simple enough (for those who have never gone through it, or haven’t in many years) but the fact of the matter is that it is a time-consuming and paperwork filled ordeal. This adds even more value to the fact that Mr. Bobbett is so well-versed in different aspects of it:

    Helping first-time buyers
    Working with real estate or property investors
    Assisting seniors with retirement or equity needs
    Upgrades or downgrades
    Short sales
    Interior Design and Home Décor Expertise

    The versatility of James and his team goes far beyond even the ins and outs of home purchasing and other mortgage or financing expertise, it also extends to the interior appeal of the houses for sale in Fullerton.

    The fact that one of his team members is an interior design specialist, allows them to assist sellers in making their home the most inviting to potential buyers, as well as helping buyers envision what their new home could look like with minimal effort. This is something that very likely won’t be offered when working with other Fullerton Realtors.

    One of the Finest Fullerton Realtors

    It really goes without saying how far above and beyond the traditional real estate agent’s scope of work that Mr. Bobbett is both willing and qualified to go. While anyone can grab a set of keys and show various homes for sale in Fullerton Ca, there are very few that will make you feel like you are their only client.

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    "We met James and Martina almost two years ago, as our “Home Search” began. We went back and forth with moving or remodeling our home at the time. They were both informative and patient as we weighed up options. After a two year period James and Martina listed our home, and assisted us in the purchase of a new place. While the Real Estate (selling and buying) process can be stressful….. They were there every step of the way. Further to that, they have a great network of associates who have helped us with matters outside of the buy/sell aspect of things."
    - review source: zillow.com

    "When my wife and I decided we wanted to sell our home and look to buy a new home, we set out to interview three local real estate agents. Unfortunately, for the other two, they never got interviewed. After initially meeting with James, and later Martina, my wife and I knew they were the perfect real estate agents to represent us in the selling and buying of our homes. We know we weren’t the only clients being represented by James and Martina, but while working with them, we definitely felt the personal attention one would hope they would receive. I don’t think my wife and I realized how many moving parts there was to selling and buying a home and James and Martina were there for every step. We never felt overwhelmed and the professionalism of James and Martina is second to none. James and Martina completely understood what my wife and I were looking for in the search for our new home and when we found our dream home, they worked tirelessly and honestly, along with making sure we were being cautiously optimistic about the outcome. Although my wife and I do not intend to ever move after finding our dream home, we would not hesitate to refer James and Martina to our family or anyone who wants great, honest and professional real estate agents. They are overall just great people and although words can’t convey it, we are extremely happy we had the opportunity to work with James and Martina"
    - review source: zillow.com

    "I have worked with Martina and James Bobbett on the sale and purchase of several homes over the years. I have recommended the Bobbetts to my family members and friends who have also used their services and been very satisfied. I would not ever consider using another agent. In regards to my most recent home sale I did consider (very briefly) going it alone by doing a For Sale by Owner. This crazy thought only lasted fleetingly because after looking at all that is involved, I knew I deserved to have a professional help me with one of the biggest financial transactions in a family’s lifetime. And there are no real estate agents more professional than the Bobbetts. I found an interesting article on the Internet regarding the definition of professionalism: Here are a few of the traits listed that a true professional would possess: Put customer satisfaction first, make expertise your specialty, do more than expected, do what you say and say what you can do, communicate effectively, follow exceptional guiding principles, share your knowledge, say thank you, and keep a smile on your face and the right attitude in your heart. I think this list was written with the Bobbetts in mind!! A sincere thank you to both James and Martina for all that you have done for us in the sale of our home. Although there always seems to be stress involved in selling a house, because of you that stress level was manageable. Thank you for your consistent communication that kept us up to date at all times. We never needed to call and ask questions about what was happening with the sale and escrow. Thank you for your honesty and high ethical standards. Thank you for your ability to confront us should we make requests that would end up not being in our best interest. For example, like any seller we wanted to get the most money from the sale of our home. We wanted to set the price really high to meet this goal. You very gently and tactfully explained the importance of setting a realistic price in order to get the house sold in an appropriate timeframe. And that certainly was proven when our home sold in a matter of days, for a price that made us very happy. You even helped us find interim housing since our new home had not been completed. You are the best!!!"
    - review source: zillow.com

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