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    I want to make a difference, not just a living. There are countless ways people can make a living. I want something bigger. I want something that will capture my heart and the hearts of others. In the world of real estate, that requires something of a change. Ultimately, it’s my goal to make sure you have as much information as possible to make the best decision for you and your family. My local expertise and extensive real estate experience will benefit you whether you are serious about buying or selling a home or are a returning client checking out the many homeowner resources I offer.

    To redefine success, in Real Estate, in a manner that places people as the highest priority by genuinely respecting, honoring, and protecting them, so that they will be advantaged to make decisions that are the most beneficial to themselves and to their families.
    Core Principles
    These core principles are to be held in the highest regard and applied to all people without consideration of personal benefit. This is not a concept, it is a commitment.
    Respect Them: Treat all people with respect, without exception.
    Honor Them: Value each person’s needs above your own. People are more important than sales.
    Do Not Play Favorites: Monetary rewards should not dictate who you work with or how your work is done.
    Do Them Good: Maintain, as your goal, the highest good of others.
    Advantage Them: Provide all people with every possible advantage by the information or expertise that you have.
    Protect Them: Do everything in your power to protect others, above and beyond your own interests. This is your duty.
    Give Them Truth: While monetary reward is good and necessary, it should never cloud your view, nor inhibit a complete disclosure of the truth. Tell the truth whether or not they decide to buy or sell or even use you as their agent.
    Do Them Right: A contractual (legal) obligation is a much lower form of obligation than either ethical or moral. Go above and beyond the “letter of the law or contract” to do what’s right.
    Do What’s Loving: In all situations, the highest law is the law of love.
    Genuinely Love…Or Step Aside: If you can’t do it out of genuine love, tell them. It’s better to be honest than insincere. Step aside if you are at a place where you cannot work with a person honestly and genuinely.

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    "Ron and Sue Arnold are extremely knowledgeable in the market! We have used them twice to purchase homes and each time the transactions have been flawless. I have used them to sell and to purchase real estate (twice) and they are professionals on both sides of the transaction. What I value most is they truly look out for my family’s best interest, I would be over the moon about a property and Ron would advise that the seller is asking too much and that it is not a wise investment. Other realtors would just smile at the fact that I wanted to spend my money! Thank you Ron and Sue for helping us find our forever home."
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    "My sisters and I met with several different agents and then decided to list our mother’s home with Ron and Sue Arnold. We were so glad we made this decision! They were personable, caring, honest, trustworthy, and supportive in every step of the process. We all live out of the area, and even out of state, and they handled everything that came up in stride and reassured all three of us every step of the way. I would most definitely recommend them for anyone seeking a realtor in southern California."
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    "Ron and Susan Arnold are honorable, helpful, knowledgeable, and just plain good people. We trusted them and they’ve stood the test of time. We had a ton of questions that they were always ready to help with. We are glad that we put our trust in them and will do so in the future also."
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