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    DRE No. 01746768

    Nothing gives clients confidence when it comes to finding the best real estate deals than a high performing realtor and this is exactly how Suzi Dailey is described in the community of Dana Point Realtors. A recipient of many honors and awards, Suzi boasts consistent high performance even in the most challenging market downturns to give her clients the best deals in real estate.

    Suzi is the founder of an established realtor group and she draws on her experience owning her reputable interior design firm and representing a high-profile clientele that includes Fortune 500 companies from all parts of the world including Dubai, China, England, Saudi Arabia, Russia, Taiwan, Brazil and Sweden. Armed with a friendly nature mixed with exceptional professionalism, Suzi is very discreet with her clients, which makes her one of the trusted OC Realtors.

    One of the things that set her apart is her international pedigree having lived in Bangladesh for two years and traveled extensively to various parts of the world, which means that she understands the needs of each client regardless of their background. She is well educated with an educational background at the Stanford University and the University of Oregon, which is an added advantage to her career displayed in the way she understands the real estate market and executes her marketing strategy.

    Other than her real estate credentials, Suzi is known by her clients as a person with an amazing personality, warm and practicing with the utmost integrity, which are qualities that make her a personal favorite for people who have been fortunate to work with her. Mixing these qualities with professionalism and displaying total competence, Suzi can help anyone negotiate for the most favorable price in any real estate deal while putting a client at ease throughout the entire process. She has a cunning ability to maneuver through the most challenging deals with a different level of grace.

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    "We were very fortunate to have been introduced to and retain Suzi Dailey in our recent purchase of a Dana Point home. We live on the east coast and wanted to explore the coastal communities of South OC, but without the intent of buying at this time. We have family and work related obligations that will keep us from moving full time for awhile. Suzy spent 2 delightful days with us, showing us the different oceanfront communities. She took the time before we arrived to understand our needs and wants and presented us with numerous options. In those 2 days we found the perfect house for us and decided to move forward. Suzi was even able to locate a great architect on very short notice to inspect the house to help us understand some structural items we wanted to change. this was invaluable. While we hadn’t planned on buying at this time, we felt like we made a very informed decision due to Suzi’s knowledge of the area and markets. Suzi is as professional as anyone I have met in any walk of life and is equally as delightful. She handled every phase of the transaction with total competence, helped us negotiate a favorable price and handled many other aspects of the closing in our absence. She has even gone the extra mile(s) post closing. She located the original blue prints for the architect, put us in touch with all the service providers, showed us additional homes for design ideas . . . the list goes on. I have done many business and real estate transactions and this was handled as well as any i have been a part of. this is all due to the professionalism and wonderful personality of Suzi. i would strongly recommend her for any real estate transaction. She is exceptional!"
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    "Where to begin….Suzi is an incredible individual, forget about the real estate aspect – that’s secondary. Anyone who has the opportunity to be represented by her is privileged and shouldn’t hesitate to reach out to her. I’m not sure that I’ve ever met anyone in my career with the same amount of grace, integrity and warmth; she truly is something special. Her interests are pure and she is relentless in doing what is best for both sides of the table – something that’s difficult to find, not to mention difficult to execute on. Transactionally, she was incredibly professional and you could tell that she is a respected broker in the industry. Transparent, honest, eloquent and professional are the adjectives that first come to mind when recalling the experience. I’ll just say that it’s not everyday that you find someone who can put you at ease when you are in the process of relocating your family across the country and in a place that you’ve never been to before. I am truly forever indebted and grateful for the opportunity to have crossed paths with and to have come across her….An amazing human being and a wonderful addition to society. Thank you from my family to yours Suzi, you’re incredible. 😉"
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    "I am not a client of Mrs. Dailey; no I have a much more depth to my dealings with her, I am someone who is in the service of Mrs. Dailey. You can say that my position is often seen but all the same invisible to most. Honestly, most people don’t even take the time to look, wave or even learn my name and that’s okay because that’s just the nature of what I do.

    It’s in this weird light that I have the opportunity to see the people who truly do stick out; and no other stands out like Mrs. Suzi Dailey. As a person, Mrs. Dailey has given me her time, respect, wisdom and her advise. Not a day goes by where she does not ensure that myself and the others in my position are appreciated and noticed.

    I know that the true purpose of these reviews is to showcase the services provided by Mrs. Dailey, but truthfully it’s her integrity, honesty and heart as a person that I feel must be recognized. I could afford no less than to express my most sincere gratitude and appreciation for Mrs. Dailey.

    I know that if I was to deal with a Realtor and Adviser then I would hope that they were good-hearted, respectable, genuine and sincere as a person. It would put my mind at-ease knowing that I was in good hands. I know that I will forever be grateful to the kind and generous person that Mrs. Dailey is, and I only hope that you as a potential client get to know her wisdom and experience as well as I do."
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