Top Realtors Aliso Viejo, Who Should You Call?

Nestled in one of the most scenic parts of Orange County, California, Aliso Viejo is an incredible city to live in. It is set in between Laguna Woods and Laguna Niguel. The yellow wildflowers and the lush green rolling hills are some of the most picturesque sites you’ll ever set eyes on. All the natural beauty is complemented by impressive homes. There is a myriad of houses for sale in Aliso Viejo, CA.


As with any other location, it is important to have a realtor Aliso Viejo if one is looking to sell or buy a property. Most buyers or sellers often make a mistake when it comes to choosing realtors Aliso Viejo. That’s always the first step to getting a raw deal. Let’s explore some of the considerations that should be taken while choosing a realtor.


Choosing A Realtor in Aliso Viejo

One of the biggest mistake people make is appointing a realtor based on who is charging the lowest commissions. One would rather pay a little bit more in the form of commissions, than end up with a raw deal. Realtors will charge low fees to attract your attention, but everyone must do their due diligence in ensuring the realtor can deliver. That does not mean low-priced realtors cannot deliver.


The other common mistake property owners make is choosing realtors who do not have enough influence in the market they are getting into. Some do this because they’ve worked a particular realtor in a different market before, or just because of the hype surrounding a particular realtor. A realtor might have closed some impressive deals before, but experience and influence in a particular market make a lot of difference in the outcome of any negotiations that they get into. Influence can be judged based on the following parameters:


  • How many deals have they closed in that particular market?
  • How many connections do they have with businesses and business owners in that area?
  • How much information do they have about prices and property financing in that area?
  • What sort of deals have they closed in that specific area?


People also tend to settle for realtors who do not question their ideas and suggestions. In most instances, such realtors are just interested in the commission they can get. A good realtor has a way of doing things, and will ask questions and pose challenges where they feel something is not right. That does not imply that a realtor should completely disregard the desires of their client, but they should use their experience to question some of the suggestions in the best interest of their client.


The Best Realtors Aliso Viejo


Patrick Parry


Patrick Parry of Watts Team Real Estate is a young and dynamic realtor who prides himself in making people’s dreams come true. He is quite intrigued by the dynamism of real estate investments and is always fully committed to delivering the best for his clients. Patrick is always armed with relevant knowledge, information, and expertise as far as profitability in the Aliso Viejo real estate scene is concerned.

Patrick is a native of Orange County and has watched many of the communities and properties in Aliso Viejo come up. Patrick has been part and person of some of the developments, having worked with his father on some of the construction sites. His father was a general contractor. It cannot get any better than working with a realtor who understands every aspect of buildings and structures.


Janet Thompson


Janet Thompson is from First Team Real Estate and has been in the Aliso Viejo real estate scene for 16 years. She deals with properties in Aliso Viejo and the surrounding areas of South Orange County. Janet, a holder of 4 professional designations, is a highly qualified realtor. She is an Accredited Buyer’s Representative (ABR), Accredited Home Staging Specialist (AHS), e-PRO Technology Certification (e-PRO), and a Short Sale and Foreclosure Resource Professional (SFR).

Janet is a realtor who is always in pursuit of nothing but the best. Her main attributes are care and compassion. She combines these with her vast wealth of knowledge about the real estate market to help her clients make successful investments in the real estate market.


Jacqueline Chase


Jacqueline Chase of Coldwell Banker has been a resident of South Orange County for the past 23 years. She is a specialist of coastal properties and focuses on getting you the best deals for high-end homes. Jacqueline is a Social Science graduate of Chapman University. Jacqueline is the founder of one of the most successful children’s stores in the country and has been mentoring sales and marketing professionals for over two decades.

Jacqueline is a winner when it comes to the real estate market in Aliso Viejo. She focuses on creating a strategic and robust marketing or negotiation plan to ensure she rises above the expectations of each one of her clients.