Why Hiring Cypress Realtors Is a Better Bet Than Zillow

It is quite enjoyable and easy to explore different housing options in various neighborhoods via websites like Zillow. Hiring a realtor, however, still offers superior results every time for several reasons. But before we get to that, let us first look at what makes Cypress one of the best cities to live in Orange County.

Why Choose to Settle in Cypress

This laidback suburb of Northern Orange County is a popular location for young professionals and families thanks to its abundance of outdoor and indoor recreational venues. From a myriad of well-maintained parks to community centers for the youth and seniors, there are plenty of places to visit and enjoy. If looking for something more fast-paced, attractions such as Disneyland and Seal Beach are both less than ten miles away.

With the majority of properties being owner-occupied and a low crime rate, this community is very appealing. There are a variety of properties to choose from including townhouses, single-family dwellings, and condos at various price points. Children residing in this suburb have access to several top-ranked public schools including Oxford Academy, Sharon Christa McAuliffe Middle School, and Jack L. Weaver Elementary School.

Why Opt for Realtors Over Zillow

· Accuracy in Pricing

Much of the pricing estimates provided by sites like Zillow can be several thousands of dollars off the mark and can mean losing out on viable buyers who have done their research or are using a knowledgeable buying agent when looking for houses for sale in Cypress. Poor pricing often eventually leads to a property remaining on the market for prolonged periods that further discourages buyers.

· Better marketing and networking

Working with OC realtors means you have better access to pre-qualified buyers, who are contacted via their buying agents to have a look at your property. The marketing techniques used by qualified realtors are also more professional and effective than just listing your property on Zillow. The quality of marketing materials and strategies tend to be more expedient at securing a better price.

· Negotiation and settlement assistance

It can be difficult to negotiate when you do not know the banter and the details that are used to work out the final figures. Qualified Cypress realtors can help represent your interests when dealing with the seller/buyer or their agent, and find a position that best suits you. They can also make use of their contacts to resolve issues such as home inspection and repairs. The legal paperwork can also be confusing so a good realtor should be able to help you understand the process and be on the lookout for any problematic clauses or fine print.

The Top 3 Cypress Realtors

1. Frank Abbadessa – RE/MAX

With over nine years’ experience in the business, Frank has long realized how complicated investing in real estate can be. For this reason, he works hard to offer a streamlined service to his clients where they never have to stress about the different aspects of the transaction as they are already planned for by Frank. A strong networker with a lengthy list of professional contacts to tap into, he ensures that every eventuality is covered so you do not have to stress over anything.

A short sale and foreclosure resource certified specialist, he is also well qualified to help those interested in exploring this market find great deals and close on them right. His highly effective marketing skills have also worked well in helping sellers present their properties to qualified buyers in the right light. A consummate professional with a patient and friendly personality, he takes his time to understand what his clients want and works hard to deliver even better results than expected.

2. Sheri Whitney – First Team Real Estate

A part of the highly regarded Whitney Team, Sheri has over two decades’ experience in the real estate business, helping many home buyers and sellers achieve their goals. A keen listener, Sheri ensures that she understands her clients’ aspirations well before working out a customized marketing plan that is geared towards achieving their objectives. With a long list of industry contacts cultivated over the years, they are able to ensure their clients’ needs are served professionally.

Her background in customer service and negotiation before she joined real estate has served Sheri well in being able to not just maintain good client and professional relationships, but also work to the best advantage of her clients when closing deals. Her calm approach and responsive nature have made her a favorite with first-time buyers and turned many into repeat clients for their firm.

3. Rita Gamil – RE/MAX

If local and professional expertise are what you looking for, then Rita is the realtor for you. Having lived in Cypress for a quarter of a decade you are unlikely to find anyone with better insider knowledge of what this community has to offer. As one of the best Cypress realtors around, she offers an excellent service that caters to most real estate niches including relocation assistance, distressed properties, and luxury home marketing. Her intelligence and resourcefulness have made her a hit with many investors who can rely on her for sound advice and accurate information to guide their decisions.

Her attention to detail has aided many sellers to focus on just the key areas that matter the most to buyers and arrive at great settlements. Buyers are also not left out of benefiting from her specialized negotiating skills and help finding the most suitable neighborhoods to fit their needs and lifestyle. Whether you are looking for Cypress homes for sale or to buy, look no further than Rita to guide the way.