Why Use a Realtor?

The Top 3 Reasons for Using A Realtor®

While it may be true that anyone can shop for a home, unless you have oodles of spare time – maybe days, maybe weeks or even months, a Realtor is the best choice to help make this process much faster.

reason no. 1:  Realtors are all Highly Educated in their trade

All Realtors must complete 135 Hours of Required Education and pass a state exam.  They must continue their education every four years. They must adhere to a strict code of ethics ensuring that consumers are served by requiring REALTORS to cooperate with each other in furthering client’s best interest.

reason no 2:  Knowledge of Market Conditions & Price

The experienced Realtor can disclose market conditions and help guide clients to make good decisions when putting in an offer buy.  Based on market supply and market demand, the Realtor will help with a negotiation strategy to help seal the deal.  Realtors do not set the price rather, a good Realtor will help
their client make wise decisions based on their knowledge.

reason no. 3:  Knowledge of Local Neighborhood

Realtors will either know the local neighborhoods very well or they will have the resources to find out all the details about the neighborhood you are looking to buy in. They will deliver comparable sales facts to you as well as information about local schools, crime and demographics. They have access to much more knowledge and details than someone who does not possess a license – such information that can be very helpful in making a pricing or even a decision to buy or not.