Zillow vs. OCRealtorDIRECT: Finding a Fullerton Realtor

It seems as though the buying process today is simpler and faster than ever before. People can order food or groceries and have them delivered within minutes, for example, and sometimes purchases themselves take over daily tasks entirely.


Vehicles that can parallel park themselves, as well as monitor surrounding traffic to help avoid accidents if the driver isn’t paying attention are a great example of this. And, of course, just about every service imaginable is available on the internet.

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The good news is that this convenience and ease-of-use transfers over to real estate, too. If someone is looking for homes in sale in Fullerton (or anywhere else), they can do that online as well! Isn’t that convenient?


Imagine being able to bypass a Fullerton Realtor and go straight to the listings and the prices. Wouldn’t that be great? Before celebrating, a further look at a few of the differences between Zillow and working with OC Realtors may be necessary:


Zillow Repairs vs. Proper Home Repair


One of the first things that should be noted about Zillow is the fact that they do the bare minimum to the homes they sell. What people need to understand is the fact that Zillow is not a real estate company, they are a marketing company. They have chosen real estate properties and housing as the focus of their marketing.


For this reason, they are not invested in the satisfaction of the buyer or seller after the fact, nor do they have any obligation to make the home “move-in ready” according to the customer’s standards.


As far as the company is concerned, their job is done upon closing. Purchasing a Fullerton home for sale in this manner might well leave the buyer with a long to-do list of maintenance and repair work.


Zillow vs. a Fullerton Realtor

There are a lot of things a home or property client loses, both personally and professionally, when they chose to go with a marketing service such as Zillow or Trulia (both of which are owned by the same company).


Here is just a small sample of the sacrifices one must make in order to deal with an online company when browsing or purchasing a new home:


  • Personal touches
  • Being treated as an individual
  • A company focus on commitment rather than commission
  • Dedicated agents
  • Service after the sale


When a client is getting ready to get serious about their next home purchase, they must take the time to ask themselves if these are expendable aspects of the real estate buying process, or if they are essential to it.

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Most people find that things like one-on-one, personal dealings with an agent dedicated to their individual or family needs far outweigh any perceived conveniences of the internet purchasing model.



Zillow Agents vs. Direct Agents


Expanding more on that last point, it is worthwhile to take a moment to further examine the discrepancies between the marketers that a person deals with on sites like Zillow, versus the direct and personal attention that they will receive from an experienced Fullerton Realtor.


Zillow makes the majority of its money from its listings. Therefore, anyone who is willing to pay to post a property can do so. This means anybody – from an unscrupulous broker to a flipper and even scam artists – can list these properties as-is, and the buyer has no one looking out for their best interests in any part of the process.


Zillow Fees vs. Regular Fees


Speaking of the money Zillow makes via fees, there isn’t any way to accurately calculate them prior to the actual signing.


Just as the “zestimates” for appraisals or market values are regularly off by thousands or even tens of thousands of dollars, trusting that Zillow is offering anything more than an educated guess prior to closing is a leap of faith most buyers and sellers have come to regret.


Zillow Information vs. Accurate Information


Houses for sale in Fullerton are some of the most beautiful and luxurious in the area. It can be very easy to be taken captive by professionally produced photographs and images posted online. But many times when a prospective buyer goes to take a look at the property in person, they find that it appears nothing like it does on the website.

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This lack of oversight by Zillow, and its policy of allowing anybody to post anything as long as they pay the fees, results in a mountain of misinformation about what the property is, how much it is worth, what repair or restoration work needs to be done, and countless other little details that are critical to the home buying process.


Zillow Experience vs. Best Experience


This article isn’t meant to discourage people from examining all of their options and making the best choice for themselves and their families when it comes to where and how to purchase their next home.


But when they are looking in an area such as Fullerton and the surrounding region, then taking the time to at least speak with a Fullerton Realtor who is familiar with the local community and the actual residents who live in it would be an invaluable tool in the decision-making process.